How to do Group Calling in WhatsApp (8 Members)

How To Do Group Calling in WhatsApp

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In this short article, I have discussed how to do group calling in WhatsApp (up to 8 members). 

Maybe you’re reading this in the time of COVID-19 mayhem, maybe not. But WhatsApp has introduced an amazing feature that allows users to add 8 participants in a video call. 

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At this time WhatsApp only allows 8 member video calling in the beta version of Whatsapp. 

But at the time you’re reading this, WhatsApp may have introduced the group calling. However, we’ll update the post when it actually comes to the stable version. 

But still, you may learn how to do group calling in WhatsApp. 

Here’s How To Do Whatsapp Group Calling:

Step 1 

Head over to Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp beta. 

Now, update WhatsApp beta. 

Step 2   

Next, open the WhatsApp app on your android smartphone. 

Step 3 

Video call any person who is willing to talk, for example, ask your friends to do video calling. 

Step 4 

Now, (while video calling) at the top right corner, you’ll see the add button, after tapping on it, you’ll be allowed to add 7 more members in the group video calling. 


So in this article, we have learned how to do group calling in WhatsApp. Soon you’ll see this amazing feature on the stable version of WhatsApp. 

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I hope you have liked reading the post. Share it with others and yes! If you know any other WhatsApp feature. Comment below! 

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