How To Cancel Netflix Account – 4 Methods

Cancel Your Netflix Account.

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Want to cancel Netflix Account? Actually, there are a couple of different ways to remove the subscription. Though, it also depends on where you have signed up for your Netflix account. 

If you have used iTunes or Google Play then you have to cancel your Netflix using those services, however, in general, you can do the same using Netflix’s android app or by navigating to on your web browser. 

So, let’s brush through how to do via Google Play, Computer, Netflix android app, and iTunes.

Cancel Netflix Account via Google Play 

It’s not a tough task to remove your Netflix account through google play on Android. 

Here’s how to do that:- 

  1. Launch ‘Google Play’
  2. In Top left corner, tap ‘Subscriptions’
  3. Now, ‘cancel account’

Remove Netflix Subscription via Computer 

To cancel your Netflix account through a computer, you need to visit 

Here’s how to do that:- 

  1. Open your ‘web browser’
  2. Go To ‘’
  3. Login to your ‘Netflix account’
  4. Now, Select ‘Profile’ icon at the top right corner
  5. Choose ‘Account’ 
  6. Now, ‘Cancel Membership’ 

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Cancel Netflix Account via Mobile App

Follow the points to cancel subscription via Netflix app on Android or iOS devices. 

Here’s how to do that:- 

  1. Launch ‘Netflix app’
  2. Select ‘More’
  3. Tap ‘Account’ 

Now you’ll be directed to your default web browser to open the cancellation page. 

  1. Now ‘Scroll Down’ 
  2. Choose ‘Cancel Membership’ 

Remove Netflix Subscription via iTunes

If you have created your Netflix account via iTunes, you can remove the subscription through iTunes desktop App by login to your Apple ID. 

Here’s how to do that:- 

  1. Launch ‘iTunes Desktop App’ 
  2. Tap ‘Account’
  3. Select ‘Settings’ 
  4. Now tap on ‘Manage’
  5. Choose ‘Subscription’ 


So, we were a few of the different ways to cancel membership and you can use any steps described above.

Here’s one more thing, if you cancel your Netflix account from any device it will remove the account from all devices, however, Netflix keeps your account for at least 6 months so you may start again from where you left it. 

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