How to Use Google Chrome to Make Calls

How to Use Google Chrome to Make Calls

In this guide, I have shared a secret trick to making calls from the Google Chrome desktop browser. 

Following this guide, you won’t have to dial any number on your Android device manually. The number will automatically show up in your dial pad of your smartphone. 

For this method to work you should have to sign in to Google Chrome with the same Google account you are using on Android and Desktop. 

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Here’s how it works… 

How To Make Calls Directly from Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome on Desktop.

2. Go to the webpage where the number is located. 

3. Right-click on the number you want to call. 

4. Now, choose Call from your device.

5. Select the device

6. Check notification on your Android. 

7. After clicking on the notification, the number will get automatically dialed up.

Now, simply press the dial button to make a call. 


A simple trick to make calls directly from Google Chrome Browser. No need to see-copy-see-copy anymore. 

So, what do you think of this method?

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