Fix: Gmail App Keep Crashing on Android

Fix: Gmail App Keep Crashing on Android

Today, when I was composing a draft on my Gmail app, after some time I got a pop-up that Gmail has stopped working. I have tried to launch the app a couple of times but it keeps closing on its own. 

What to do when Gmail or any other app suddenly stops working on Android? I have looked at some fixes on the internet and YouTube that will help you solve the problem.

My Gmail App Keep Crashing on Android 

Here’s a quick video from MJ Tube on YouTube.

Fix All Gmail App Problems In Android Phone (Unfortunately Gmail has Stopped)
MJ Tube/YouTube

If you prefer reading, here are some fixes. 

1. Update Gmail App

When was the last time you have updated the Gmail app on your device? If you can’t recall, you are likely using an outdated version that isn’t supported by Google anymore and bugs are causing the issue. Always make sure your apps are updated if you want them to work properly. 

Follow the steps to update Gmail on Android. 

1. Launch Play Store

2. Click Hamburger button (3 line navigation bar).

3. Tap My Apps & Games

4. Update Gmail and other Apps. 

Update Gmail App

2. Clear Cache & Data 

If updating the app isn’t working, then clear cache and data from the Gmail app. Don’t worry about the loss of anything important as the cache files are stored locally and there might be a bug causing the app to function abnormally. 

Follow the steps to clear Cache and Data. 

1. Open Settings on your device. 

2. Follow the path: App Management > App List > Gmail

3. Choose Storage usage. 

4. Clear Cache and Data

Clear Cache & Data

3. Force Stop Gmail App 

There are reports where users have mentioned that Force stopping the Gmail app fixes the crashing problem. But what does Force stop mean? It’s simply halting the app from running until the next launch. Similar to shutting down a laptop. 

Follow the steps to Force stop Gmail on Android. 

1. Go to Settings.

2. Follow the path: App Management > App List > Gmail

3. Click Force Stop. 

Force Stop Gmail App

4. Sign Out Of Gmail (& Sign Back Again) 

This step requires you to remove your Google account from the device and sign in again using your login credentials. This should address the syncing issue (if any) that might be a reason behind the Gmail crash. 

Follow the steps to remove your Google account from your device.

1. Go to Settings

2. Follow the path: Users and Accounts > Google > Gmail Account

3. Tap the navigation button and select Remove account

Now, sign in to your Gmail account. Make sure it is properly synced with Google services. 

5. Disable Gmail & Reinstall App Updates 

In this method, disable Gmail on your device, therefore delete all app updates and install them again by updating Gmail via Google Play. 

Note: In the latest version of Android, you can’t disable a pre-installed app. But you can Uninstall updates. 

1. Go to Settings

2. Follow the path: App Management > App List > Gmail.

3. Click the navigation button at the top right corner and select Uninstall updates

Disable Gmail & Reinstall App Updates

6. Disable Dark Mode 

Dark Mode is a great feature Google has implemented on Gmail but there were some reports of the app crashing. It got fixed in the next update by the Gmail team but no one can’t be sure whether it is completely stable on all Android devices or not. Try disabling dark mode. 

Follow the steps to disable Dark Mode in the Gmail app. 

1. Open Gmail app. 

2. Hamburger icon > Settings > General settings. 

3. Now, tap Theme > Light.  

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google where you can synchronize third-party emails through POP or IMAP protocols. And if it is not working on your Android, it might not be working for others as well. Nevertheless, the steps mentioned above should solve the Gmail crashing issue. 

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