How to Fix Automatic Repair in Windows 10

How to fix Automatic Repair in Windows 10

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In this short article, I’ll be discussing how to fix Automatic Repair in Windows 10. 

Windows 10 has developed a self-repairing tool known as Automatic Repair which fixes most of the issues if your PC is not working properly. 

But in recent years most of the Windows 10 users are having the same problem where Automatic Repair is not working either. 

Users are getting a message like this; Automatic Repair failed to repair your PC. 

Reason Behind Automatic Repair Loop

Here are a few reasons your PC is showing automatic repair. 

  • File crash
  • Direct Power Off 
  • The problem in Windows 10 Update 
  • Damaged ISO files 
  • Problem in Hard Drive
  • Missing Registry Keys 
  • Malicious Rootkits

Error Messages on Screen 

Here are some error messages you may encounter indicating the problem. 

Windows 10 automatic repair failed

log file c /windows/system32/logfiles/srt/srttrail.txt Windows 10

bootrec.exe /fixboot access is denied Windows 10

Windows 10 automatic repair your pc did not start correctly

Methods To Fix Automatic Repair Loop 

Here are the best possible methods to solve the issue:- 

#1 Start-Up Repair 

Start-Up Repair helps to reload the deleted file (which is the reason behind Automatic Repair Problem) 

Here’s how to do that: 

  1. Click Advanced Options
  2. Choose Troubleshoot
  3. Now again, choose Advanced Options 
  4. Finally, click Start-Up Repair

After that, wait for a few minutes, Diagnosing your PC will show up. 

It will either work or this method will fail. No Worries! 

The next method helped me to fix the problem on my PC. So…

#2 Reset This PC 

In most cases, resetting your PC helps to fix the Automatic Repair loop issue by reinstalling windows 10. 

You have two options:- 

  • Keep my Files: This prevents the deletion of your media files, not Apps & Settings. 
  • Remove Everything: It removes all apps, settings, and media files. 

In my case, I had chosen Keep my Files. 

Here’s how to reset your PC:- 

  1. Click Advanced Options 
  2. Choose Reset This PC 
  3. Choose between Keep my Files or Remove Everything

If it is your home PC or you don’t have important Apps or software this might be the best option to fix the problem. 

But if it is for business purposes, visiting a computer expert is the suggestion which I would like to give. 

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#3 Using Command Prompt 

You could still have access to the Command Prompt. 

Here’s how to use Command Prompt:- 

  1. Click Advanced Options
  2. Choose Troubleshoot
  3. Now again, choose Advanced Options 
  4. Finally, choose Command Prompt 

Now you have access to Command Prompt, you could enter the following code:- 

Remember to press Enter after each line of code. 

bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

Press Enter 

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

Press Enter 

bootrec.exe /fixboot

After doing that, type chkdsk commands. 

For the chkdsk commands to work, you must remember the drive letters of your hard drive partition. 

In the below example, c and d are drive letters. 

chkdsk /r c:

chkdsk /r d:

Number of times to perform chkdsk commands = Number of hard drive partition you have. 

Now, restart your PC to see if it works. 


So these were few fixes to Automatic Repair in Windows 10 issue. File Crash and Direct Power Off are the primary reasons behind the issue.

If you use your computer for business purposes, getting help from a technical expert is the best choice. After all you don’t want to lose your important files or settings.

If you have solved your issue, tell us about it. Comment Below!

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