Fake COVID-19 Apps are Stealing Your Data – Save Yourself

Fake COVID-19 Apps are Stealing Your Data - Save Yourself

If you are using the fake Coronavirus detection app, you may be losing your privacy. Dozen fake apps have been found worldwide that are used to spread computer viruses and snatch consumer’s data. Most of them are designed to look like official apps but they are not. 

The global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have left the name of a virus a sign of fear, which bad guys are exploiting by spreading these applications. 

How Do These Fake Apps Work?

These apps spread malware after the installation to steal personal data, researchers from Anomali, (California based company) said. It appears that it is not distributed by official authorities such as Google or Apple app stores, they added.  

Many countries are interacting with tech and IT companies to develop applications that can check and monitor your interaction with other people by using smartphone technologies such as Google Maps to monitor your movements when you are traveling. 

Countries Targeted

Countries like Brazil, India, Colombia, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Russia, and Singapore, some fake applications are presenting themselves as official apps. As the authorities around the world have detected this issue and are doing their best to prevent the spread of these applications, however, your privacy is in your hands – always download COVID-19 detection apps from official government sites only. 

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