Facebook is Adding a Tool To Clean Up Your Timeline

Facebook is Adding a Tool To Clean Up Your Timeline.

“Facebook’s Manage Activity feature lets you erase old posts, photos, and videos in bulk.”

This latest feature can be useful to those who are posting a lot or have lots of media content on their timelines. You’ll be able to filter everything by the category of content or date it was posted and this will help you clean up things in seconds whether it is a media file shared 10 years ago or a video you have just shared on your timeline. 

It’ll add more functionality to the tool down the line.


After getting the content you’ll be able to get it back within a time period of 30 days. So don’t worry if you feel you might need to be deleted content again. Instead of vanishing from your timeline, you’ll have the option to archive the content, which is a better way to remove them and restore them whenever you need it. 

The tool will be first available for the official Facebook mobile app and you’ll find it under Activity Log. The company will roll out the update in the coming weeks. 

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