Facebook Blocked 190 Accounts Linked To Hate Groups

Facebook Blocked 190 Accounts Linked To Hate Groups

Facebook says it has removed “about 190 accounts” with a link to hate groups. These are accounts that are linked to white supremacy movements. These groups consider white people superior to those with darker skin tones.

Such accounts were found not only on Facebook but also on Instagram. They had a link with the so-called Proud Boys and the American Guard, two groups that had already been blocked.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, people were called up through the accounts to visit anti-racism protests to disrupt them. In some cases, they were asked to bring weapons. The specific plans in the messages were not disclosed.

Facebook has been trying to keep these hate groups off its platforms for some time. In March last year, the company announced that it would remove posts referring to white nationalism (a state for white people) and white separatism (the separation of white people from others with darker skin tones).

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