How To Embed PDF Files In WordPress – Beginner’s Guide

How To Embed PDF Files In WordPress

In this article, I will show how you can embed PDF files in your WordPress blog or website. 

Embedding PDFs in your blog posts could boost user engagement on your website. It stops the reader from continuously reading and encourages participation with it. 

They may think – “Hey, what’s this about.” 

Readers will look into it, and they don’t have to leave your website.  

Further action they can perform – “Looks good, let’s download it.”

It could be anything you want your readers to engage with, for example, courses, infographics, menu, ebooks, or stuff like codes and script, etc. 

It’s worth adding as long as it provides value, and users can relate it to post content. Moreover, you can also convert long articles into PDF and ask your audience to download it to read again (or without the internet). 

Now, let’s see how you can embed PDF files in your WordPress posts. 

Embed PDF Files in WordPress 

There are three methods that I have discussed below. You can choose anyone based on the level of quickness. 

1. Link Method 

Adding a link is the most straightforward way to add PDF files to your content. All you have to do is to upload the file through your local computer, copy the file URL, and add it to your content.

Link Method - Upload PDF In WordPress

However, there are a few cons to the link method. 

  1. This will redirect the reader to the new tab or the same – depending on where you want the link to open.
  2. Maybe they left reading your content – reducing the page’s dwell time
  3. It’s just a link, and users might not click on it if you don’t ask them to do it. 

Yes! It’s not embedding PDFs precisely, but you can use it when you want to provide PDF format of your articles for offline reading. 

Otherwise, continue reading below. 

2. Plugins – Problem Solved 

There are tons of plugins available to make your life easy. You can use anyone to embed PDF files straight to your post and pages. 

Why use a plugin? 

  1. Users don’t have to leave the page; this helps in increasing session time.
  2. You can customize the height and width of the file. 
  3. See the number of downloads through the dashboard.
  4. Overall, you have full control over the presentation of the PDF.

These are some recommended plugins to embed PDFs. 

1. PDF Embedder 

PDF Embedder - WordPress plugin to embed pdfs

PDF Embedder is one of the best plugins for embedding PDFs in WordPress. The reason being is that it only uses Javascript instead of iFrames and third party services. 

You may want to avoid this plugin if you want users to download your PDFs, as there is no option for that in the free version. The paid version is more helpful; readers can download it, scroll between pages, embedding is mobile-friendly, etc. 

2. PDF Poster

PDF Poster is another great plugin that you can use to embed PDF files in WordPress. You can customize the presentation in the backend of the plugin. 

To embed a PDF, just upload it to the plugin through your local computer, customize it, copy the code, and paste wherever you want to show it. 

3. DearFlip – PDF Flipbook

DearFlip is another excellent choice to make Flipbook using PDFs and images. It uses WebGL technology to convert PDFs and images into realistic digital books that will not only help beautify your content but boost user retention time as well.

All you have to is to create Flipbook post, upload your PDF(s), save and copy the shortcode. Now, you can paste the shortcode through Shortcodes Ultimate. Free features contain features like table of contents for PDF, downloading files, partial loading, deep linking, etc. while paid version provides more freedom in displaying pop-ups, Google Analytics tracking, text translation, and much more. 

4. EmbedPress

EmbedPress is all in one solution for embedding PDFs, videos, images, docs, posts, audios, forms, sheets, maps, PPT, etc. with a single click. 

The plugin is simple to use, and intuitively takes almost no setup; no coding knowled