DRIFT21 Download for PC Windows 7 & 10

DRIFT21 Download for PC Windows 7 SP2 & 10

In this post, I’m going to share DRIFT21 features, gameplay, PC requirements, and from where you can download DRIFT21 and play on your Windows computer. 

👉 Download link (at the bottom of the page)

About DRIFT21 

So, DRIFT21 is a drifting simulation game, this game is unique in that you can actually lift up and build your drift car. It’s kind of like those poo-poo racing games. You can tune your dream drift car, change parts, boost performance and show your skills by competing with other players in multiple breathtaking challenges. You can take part in demanding challenges that will test your drifting skills. Play solo or compete with other racers in multiplayer mode, to establish who is the best drifter. 

For a comprehensive review, check out the video below. 


DRIFT21 PC Requirements 


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 7 SP2

Processor: i5

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: 970

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 20 GB available space


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


Processor: i5

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: 1060

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 20 GB available space

DRIFT21 Changelog (Updates & Fixes)

Driving model and physics changes

-Completely rewritten Force Feedback

-Big changes to suspension performance, alignment and geometry

-Changes to tire parameters

-Rewritten collisions and force calculation

-Rewritten automatic gearbox

-Added optional vibration settings (f.e for gravel/grass)

-Added steering assists bar for keyboard and controller (available in Settings)

-Expanded support for steering wheels (including Thrustmasters with extended ranges)

New cars (with tuning parts, body kits, dyno stages):

-BMW E30 M3

-BMW E36 M3

-BMW E92 M3

-Ford Mustang

-Mazda RX-7

-Nissan 180SX

-Nissan 350z

New tracks (with dedicated challenges):



-Training track ver. 1

-Training track ver. 2

-Multi Storey Parking

-Stadium ver. 1

-Stadium ver. 2

New engine

-Rotary engine (3 rotor and 4 rotor) with tuning parts and dyno stages

New single player modes:

-Gymkhana challenges for each track

-Garage challenges – multiple tasks dedicated to car building enthusiasts

-Sandbox mode – A mode that bypasses progression and allows you to build drifting cars freely

-Renamed and redesigned default game mode as “Career mode” with more emphasised player progression

New multiplayer modes:

-Drift Run (multiplayer event) – Race other players on a predefined layout, suited for each track

-Drift Laps (multiplayer event) – A competition in which all players compete for the best drifting score per lap

-Tandems (multiplayer event) – A competition for two players, divided into rounds and specific roles

Fine Tuning option (Available as a tab in DYNO)





-Alignment (including camber, caster)


Other functionalities, additions and changes:

-Licensed ECU MASTER tablet and unique dashboards available in Warehouse

-Licensed FMIC tuning parts in Warehouse

-Cars made in garage now can be used in multiplayer sessions

-Added more interior parts to make each car more unique

-More gearboxes (including 6-gear) and differentials available in Warehouse

-Added more undercarriage parts (such as subframes)

-Added option to join session as a spectator

-Added premade liveries for each tuned car in Quick Race mode

-Added option to turn of dynamic camera movement

-Added new decals that can be used in Paint Booth

-Added option to launch previous or next possible challenge from the Result View

-Added dynamic hood camera

-Added 360 camera movement

-Rearranged order of cameras

-Added messages informing about the selected camera

-Added over 30 Steam achievements

-Type two radiator added as a required element to achieve tuning stage

-Changes to CTAA, SMAA and Motion Blur options

-Changed the way challenge requirements work – should give more flexibility and freedom to players

-Changed the way Time Attack challenges work – drift points are no longer required

-Changed the tutorial car from MX-5 to fully painted BRZ

-Opened a big portion of Minami (including service area)

-Small track adjustments to Touge, Driftland and School

-Added player name tags on license plate in multiplayer session

-Added turbo and blow-off sounds

-Added exhaust pop sounds and particle effects

-Rebalanced existing challenges to suit recent driving model changes

-Set “Show part names” on as a default

-Several peripheral devices can now be used simultaneously

-Changed configurations in some Quick Race car presets

-Added a challenge, designed by Sourcerage, which won a competition held on the FB channel

UI changes

-Redesigned loading screens to fit helpful information

-Stage signatures added to Virtual Garages

-Made engine root parts more distinguishable in Warehouse

-Made tuneable parts more distinguishable in Warehouse

-Small changes to multiplayer Session Window

-Added progress trackers to multiple crucial places (context menu, Driving Setup window, -Quick Race window, Track selection window)

-Small presentation changes in Quick Race to simplify car selection process

-Added default welcome message in chat window

-Small UI changes in Track Selection window (mainly to fix overlapping texts)

-Rearranged tooltip buttons in multiple windows (including Result Screen) for more -consistency

-Adjusted speedometer to suit each used engine (including Rotary)

-Added indicators to the player list to show the player’s participation in multiplayer event

-Removed unnecessary event configuration items/options in multiplayer sessions

-Added text messages to inform about the ongoing multiplayer event

-Parts not available in the tutorial have been blocked and greyed out


-Fixed an issue where loading screens were incorrectly scaled when using three displays

-Fixed the lack of background visible while changing tracks on three displays

-Fixed multiple UI issues connected to drifting point counter and three display setups

-Fixed a bug where fade was only triggered on one of two or three displays

-Fixed bugs that caused extra, unnecessary shadows to appear on the car selection window

-Fixed a bug that caused unnatural reflections in side mirrors

-Fixed a bug that allowed players to mount smaller rim size on a bigger tire

-Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck after removing crucial parts after completing tutorial

-Fixed a bug that caused invalid behavior after inverting deadzones

-Fixed a bug that where tutorial progress was incorrectly saved during second attempt

-Fixed a bug that caused invalid rendering of other cars and smoke particles while using cockpit camera in multiplayer

-Fixed a bug that caused game messages and notifications to appear over other menuses

-Fixed a bug where inclinometer was not visible after resetting the car

-Fixed Antialiasing-related glitches visible while changing car in Car Shop menu

-Fixed glitched sound effects present during replay playback

-Fixed multiple bugs related to navigation in multiplayer sessions

-Fixed a bug where inclinometer was overlapping the chat window

-Fixed a bug where voting window was overlapping the point multiplier

-Fixed filtering errors that caused the wrong content to be displayed on the server browser window

-Fixed a bug causing collected points to carry over between servers

-Fixed a bug where two serial cars could not achieve tandem state

-Fixed a group of bugs where players could not see others in multiplayer session

-Fixed a bug where players in a session were incorrectly numbered on the player list

-Fixed a bug where players in a session couldn’t trigger wall tap or kiss the wall

-Fixed multiple navigation bugs in Quick Race car select window

-Fixed a bug that prevented players from installing Performance Fuel tanks in some cars

-Fixed a bug causing the camera to move stiffly (especially on tracks with elevation changes)

-Fixed a bug that caused a camera to snap after switching sides

-Fixed a bug where multiple tabs could be selected at the same time in the paint booth

-Fixed a bug where it was possible to connect to multiplayer without enabled Steam

-Fixed multiple lighting bugs on tracks EBISU Minami, EBISU School, EBISU West, EBISU North

-Fixed a bug where force feedback was disabled by mouse movement (mostly in multiplayer sessions)

-Fixed a bug where the device could not be changed using the gamepad

-Fixed a bug with a floating timer on an S15 dashboard

-Fixed a bug where the driver’s helmet was visible in the cockpit camera during multiplayer sessions

-Fixed a bug where specific gear was duplicated when using the shifter

-Fixed an issue with missing tooltips when using the steering wheel

-Fixed an issue with non-functioning controllers on the steering wheel settings popup

-Fixed an issue where mirrors would still render realtime even after changing the quality to “Low”

-Fixed the lack of a screen lock when first entering the multiplayer window

-Fixed a bug where the settings window could not be navigated on the first visit

-Fixed a bug in which the sound of a falling part was played after loading a garage part of the tutorial

-Removed delay in the display of the challenge summary window

-Fixed an issue where controller vibrations were active even after switching tracks

-Fixed an issue where multiple pop-ups would not highlight any option by default, thus making gamepad navigation more difficult

-Fixed memory leak in Garage

-Many other minor fixes

Download DRIFT21 for PC Microsoft Windows 


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