How To Change WordPress Login Password

How To Change WordPress Login Password

In this guide, I have discussed how to change the WordPress login password. 

So it may be a while since you have set your login password and now want to change it again. 

A lot of WordPress beginners don’t have information about how to do that, it’s obvious too. 

Most people change passwords due to security reasons since no one wants to get hacked, and it’s a good practice that helps in the long run. 

Change WordPress Login Password

Simply follow the steps and screenshots given below to set a new password in WordPress.

1. Login to WordPress

Login to WordPress

The first thing I want you to do is to Login to your WordPress dashboard using the original username and password. 

2. Go to Users 

Go to Users

At the left side look for Users option and then click Your Profile as shown in the image.

3. Go to Account Management 

Go to Account Management

Scroll down a bit, in the Account Management section you’ll see New Password, now click Generate Password. The system will automatically generate a strong password for you but you can set it as you desire. 

4. Finally, Click Update Profile 

Click Update Profile

Now, you have completed all the steps, it’s time to update your Profile to save the new password. To do so, click Update Profile at the bottom left. 


These are the simple steps to change the login password in WordPress. 

You should change your password when you notice any failed login attempts from another location or if it’s too easy to guess and crack using brute force. 

Make sure you’re using WordPress security plugins for an extra layer of protection. 

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