Solved: Can’t Download Pubg Mobile on Android or iOS

Solved: Can't Download Pubg Mobile on Android and iOS

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In this short guide, I will discuss why you are not able to download Pubg Mobile and how to fix it. 

Recently I had visited Google Play Community, where a lot of players were complaining about the issue. 


  • Network Issue.
  • Switching Wi-fi in between the downloading process. 
  • Google Play Store not responding. 
  • App Store not responding. 
  • Device issue itself. 

Well, there are more reasons, but they are rarely the culprit of the problem. 

So, how to fix the Pubg Mobile downloading issue? 

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How to Fix Can’t Download Pubg Mobile

Here are some common fixes that will solve your problem and you’ll be able to download Pubg Mobile again. 

Increase Device Screen Time 

When I was downloading the Pubg Mobile, I set my device screen time to 30 minutes and didn’t close the Google Play Store download screen. 

I did it because of the poor RAM management of my device, and it worked. I could download and install the complete game in one go.

So, Increase device screen time and don’t use your device in the meantime when the downloading process is going on.

Although, Apple devices have good RAM management functionality, so increasing device screen time is will not do anything.

But for Android devices, it will surely help you with the downloading and installing process by allowing enough RAM to process up things fast without any error.

Check your Device Storage

This might be the reason behind the issue, yet you don’t know. If less-to-no space is available on your device, you can’t expect to download games like Pubg Mobile on your device. 

The download size of Pubg Mobile is around 1.8 GB for Android and if you want to install on your device you should have at least 2.3 GB of space available to run the game with no lag. 

It’s better to clear some unnecessary files first, then try to download the game again. 

Force Stop Google Play Store 

If everything mentioned above is not working, then it’s the problem is from Google Play itself. 

Try to download other apps or games and if they are not downloading too, then force stops Google Play Store. 

Here’s how to do that: 

  • Long press “Play Games App. 
  • Click on “App info”.
  • Tap on “Force Stop”. 

Also, you’ll find options to clear data and cache in the storage section, remove them too. 

You might find this helpful:


After doing everything above, try to download any other app or game (less in size) to check if it’s working or not, it will help you save your data if the downloading is going to fail for Pubg as well.

If the other application gets installed on your device, now try to install Pubg Mobile.

If it does not work, you can factory reset your device to fix the issue. Make sure to take a backup of your necessary files first.


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