9 Best Fast Video Downloader Apps For Android

In this article, I’ve mentioned the best video downloader apps for Android.

Some of our favorite videos we all like to watch. Out of them, few videos are watched again and again because they are amusing or inspiring. 

However, “you can’t always be connected to the Internet.”

You want to download and add these videos to the list of your favorite videos.

If you want to watch the videos you have watched online, that’s when video downloader apps become essential. 

Many smartphone corporations have launched a video downloading software and mobile apps and most of them are free. 

Here I have gathered a list of the 9 best video download apps for smartphones, tablets, and other devices that run on the Android operating system. 

Best Video Downloader Apps for Android

Not only on Android but you can also use them on tablets as well and if you want to run them on PC – checkout Android Emulators below. 

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1. ADM – Advanced Download Manager 

Advanced Download Manager

ADM is probably one of the best video downloaders on Google Play for devices that run on Android OS. Not only videos, but you can also download any music files. There is no restriction for file format here. 

To download the video, just copy the link from Web and paste it on ADM, a pop-up window will appear displaying the download size, file name, and other info. It’s so easy to resume any downloading video which you have paused. 

Large files can be downloaded without any interruption, also it uses a smart algorithm to increase downloading speed. Means your videos will be downloaded at maximum speed. 


  • Larger files can be downloaded using ADM. 
  • You can download media, documents, and other files. 
  • Resuming of interrupted downloads.
  • Parallel download files in the queue.
  • Different automatic actions after finishing.
  • Automatic operation on schedule.

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $1

Download from Google Play 

2. Video Downloader Pro 

 Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro lets you download videos from almost any video website. It is also known as Nova Video Downloader. 

Downloading videos from social media is a kind of easy task to do when you use its in-built browser. 

Here’s how to use:- 

  1. Browse video or social clips with a built-in browser.
  2. Play the video you want to download
  3. Click the download button to download videos.


  • Almost any format is supported. 
  • Resume failed download. 
  • Download multiple videos at a time. 
  • Export videos to the SD card. 
  • Download videos at 3x speed. 
  • HD format is supported. 
  • Youtube videos are not supported. 

Price: Free  

Download from Google Play 

3. IDM: Video Downloader 

IDM: Video Downloader

IDM is another highly rated video downloader app for android. It helps you download various media files with torrent support. 

Download movies and music from the IDM browser. The smart download feature lets you automatically download any media when you copy the link to the clipboard. 

The user experience is good as compared to any other apps on this list as they show only 1 ad. 


  • Supports up to 32 parts to accelerate downloads.
  • The resume stopped downloads. 
  • It also supports live streaming websites. 
  • Low RAM usage. 
  • You can block third-party trackers. 
  • Hide downloaded files. 
  • Download videos at 5x speed. 

Price: Free 

Download from Google Play

4. AVD Download Video 

AVD Download Video

AVD Download Video Downloader is one of the popular video downloader apps that helps you download videos to your Android device. Millions of videos are downloaded worldwide using the AVD Download Video Downloader app.

It is the best app for people who use Android smartphones. The browser in AVD is fast and the URL loads instantly. The user interface is very good.

To download a video, find your desired video and click on the link to that particular video. A menu appears on the screen, select AVD as the downloader. 

Tap Record Video and the download will be saved in seconds. The AVD Download Video Downloader application also comes with Flash Video Support.


  • Download videos with one click.
  • Built-in flash video support.
  • YouTube videos are not supported.
  • Download progress in the notification bar. 

Price: Free | Premium (Remove Ads) 

Download from Google Play 

5. Videodr


Videodr is an amazing video downloader app that lets you download videos from the web to your Android devices. 

Using this application one can easily download shared videos from the internet. Downloading videos using a video downloader application is just a two-step process. 

Just search for the video in the browser that is integrated into the downloader application. 

Once you search for the video in the web browser, you can see a list of videos that match your search.

Scroll down and find the video you are looking for and click on the video. By clicking on the video, all the details of the video are displayed, including their download links with the respective resolutions. 

You can then save them to your device. A unique feature of this application is its resume function which can be used to resume your interrupted videos. 

There is no longer any need to feel frustrated with network outages. This video downloader also saves your time and relevant data.


  • Simple and easy to use interface for video download software.
  • Fast downloads.
  • Support for large files.
  • You can play videos directly from the app.
  • Support for different video formats like 3gp, MP4, Avi, MPEG, MOV, Mkv, and many more.
  • Ultra player to make sounds. 
  • Subtitles are available to download.

Price: Free

Download from Google Play 

6. Download Manager 

Download Manager

The Download Manager application is the best video downloader application that allows you to download videos of different file formats and sizes to your Android device. 

It has a custom web browser built into it and it is quite easy to use and navigate. Once you open the browser in the app, it directs to a new web page where you will find some links to other websites which include video, music, and other files to download. 

Just select a link for the video category and click on the video you want to download. Here, the video will be downloaded to your Android device.

The ads shown in this free version of the download manager are very less compared to other video download applications. 

The downloader automatically detects the download link and will ask for your permission. You can either play or download the video. 

The pause and resume function work well on this download management application. Downloads are made at a very high speed. 


  • Download videos with 3x speed.
  • Support downloading any type of file (zip, rar, mp3, doc, Xls and others)
  • Integrated search for google, youtube, twitter, and yahoo.
  • Supports the resumption of interrupted downloads.
  • The application supports massive file downloads larger than 2 GB.
  • It has a built-in media player with audio, video playback and playlists.
  • Updated Libraries.
  • Dark theme available. 
  • New design for a better look. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $0.8 

Download from Google Play 

7. FVD – Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader

The FVD – Free Video Downloader application allows you to download shared videos from the Internet. All the user needs to do is that when the application is opened, it displays a screen that has the “Open Browser” button. 

By clicking the button, it directs you to an integrated web browser that looks like a standard web browser on your interface. You can now search for any video in the browser and simply click on the desired video, it will automatically display a pop-up window to save the video to your Android device.


  • The interface is quite complex, but it offers many features that allow you to easily download the video.
  • Fast downloads and multiple download support.
  • Supports different video formats.
  • Integrated web browser for a faster usage (Beta)
  • Facebook integration.
  • Choose from 14 different languages. 

Price: Free 

Download from Google Play 

8. Video Downloader

Video Downloader

Another better quality video downloader is the Video Downloader, from inShot. The app includes a built-in web browser that helps you search, find, and download the video. 

The app also includes a tab with the desired option that contains short links to other websites that provide downloadable videos.

You can choose any bookmark from favorites and find the video you want to download. Once you find the video, click on it, which allows a pop-up window asking you to save the video with a Rename option.


  • The current version of the application supports mp4, 3gp, and MOV formats.
  • Activate the pause and resume the download.
  • You can even play the video while downloading.
  • Download multiple files at a time. 
  • Resume failed downloads. 
  • Files greater than 2GB can be downloaded with ease. 
  • Bookmark your favorite websites. 
  • Save private videos to password-protected folders. 
  • In-built browser. 
  • Fast download speed. 

Price: Free 

Download from Google Play 

9. Kode Browser 

Kode Browser

Mirmay Downloader & Private Browser is a great downloader application to download media. 

This Android application allows you to watch and download videos on your Android handsets. The user interface of this video downloader application is very good. 

Sometimes the ads may appear while the video is playing. Apart from that, this app works well for users looking to download their favorite videos to their Android devices. 

One of the striking features of the Kode Browser is an inbuilt private browser. This app also provides file security so you can lock downloaded files with a password and keep it safe.

To download a video, simply open the URL for that particular video. Then a pop-up will appear saying that “the video has been found”. You can then choose different options like ‘download’, ‘download as’ or ‘play’ from there.

It also allows you to download files at a faster speed. The browser integrated with this application allows you to download multimedia files on your Android devices.


  • Full-screen view.
  • Includes favorites menu.
  • Music player with playlist and lock screen system for security.
  • Video player with aerial support and playlist.
  • VPN protection to hide IP.
  • Background downloading makes things easier. 
  • Export videos to a hidden folder. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $2.2

Download from Google Play 


So, these were the best video downloader apps for your Android devices. 

Assuming the apps from the Google Play Store, it should be noticed that these apps mentioned do not authorize you to download YouTube videos as it’s against the terms of service. 

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