112 Best Chrome Extensions You Should Try (2021 List)

Best Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions are an integral part of the Google Chrome browser. These software and tools can enhance your browser to the next level by ignoring the need for extra software that you would have to use if web extensions did not exist. 

In other words, you do not have to minimize Chrome and open other apps or software if you use chrome extensions. For example, you might sometimes have to capture a part or the whole desktop screen/tab. You can just hit the screenshot extension that you have installed on your browser to take a screenshot, rather than launching any third-party software for the same task.

Therefore, I have listed the best chrome extensions you should try this year. I have tried my best to describe each one as much in the limited wording. Putting extensions under the subsections is the most rational thing I could have supposed and done the same here. It will help you. I also recommend bookmarking this article if you do not have a moment to go through every extension mentioned in this piece of content. 

Best Google Chrome Extensions 

Top Google extensions on the chrome web store. 

1. Password Alert 

Password Alert

Password Alert is one of the best chrome extensions by Google for folks who are looking to secure themselves against phishing attacks. It alerts you upon any unusual activity with your Google account. Notably, it does not store your passwords of Google or non-Google services. For the extension to work, you must have Javascript enabled on the Chrome web browser. 

2. Google Translate 

Google Translate

Google Translate chrome web extension is an easy tool to understand the meanings of languages on web pages. You can just hit the extension icon to translate any highlighted part or the entire page. It supports most of the notable languages. But note that perfect and exact translation is not always accurate. 

3. Save To Google Drive 

Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive makes uploading web content, media, and screenshots exceedingly simple. All you have to do is select the piece of content or media you want to upload, click the right button, and select – Save to Google Drive. It also helps in converting Microsoft Office files and saving them to Google Docs format. 

4. Google Keep 

Google Keep

I use Google Keep to take notes, save screenshots, and media. It syncs everything saved on multiple devices — Android, iOS, and Wear. You can easily organize notes by using labels and adding details. That is what I appreciate about this productivity tool. But, I also wish for more features such as the ability to sort lists alphabetically. 

5. Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts

This chrome extension is mainly for Hangout users. Using which gives you handy features such as group chatting, video calling, and chat syncing. Although, there are few limitations such as you cannot send videos, you have to be logged into Gmail all the time to use this extension, and also it doesn’t support ’invisible status’. But you should try it to see if it suits you. 

6. Picture-in-Picture Extension 

Picture-in-Picture is a chrome web extension to watch videos in a floating manner. For example, if you want to watch a YouTube video while working on another tab, this add-on is all you need. Here is the simple keyboard shortcut: Alt + P for Windows. 

7. High Contrast