7 Android Apps For WhatsApp You Don’t Know About

Android Apps For WhatsApp You Don't Know About

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In this article, I am going to talk about 7 Android apps for WhatsApp you don’t know about.

If you are one out of two billion WhatsApp users you should know these apps will help you better use WhatsApp with some more features. 

There’s no doubt that WhatsApp has enough features like stickers, video calling, messaging and it is improving with each update. 

But you can better utilize it when you use some extra utilities, right now we are talking about some extra Android apps for WhatsApp that you can install from Google Play. 

Android Apps For WhatsApp You Should Use 

As you know there are currently countless apps on Google Play for every service you desire. 

The same goes for messaging apps, and that’s why we have listed down seven Android apps for WhatsApp to better utilize it. 

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1. AutoResponder for WhatsApp 

AutoResponder for WhatsApp

AutoResponder for WhatsApp is an amazing application to automate messages according to your needs. You will have a bot to respond in place of you.


  • Works both for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.
  • You can respond to all messages. 
  • Automate messages for contacts, groups, and unknown numbers. 
  • It will not update the last seen time. 
  • A welcome message for new chats. 
  • Tons of Automation tools available. 
  • Different font styles.
  • Driving mode to ease your workload. 

 Price: Free | In-app products from $7

Download from Google Play 

2. Notify 


Sometimes you are using an important application and a message comes, but you don’t want to leave just to respond to that message. That’s where Notify helps. 

You’ll get the message in the form of a pop-up bubble and you will be able to respond at the same time.  

It is currently supporting many messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. 


  • Reply in real-time. 
  • Pop up button with a message written on it. 
  • Supports more than 20 messaging applications. 
  • Over 1 million downloads on Google Play. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $1.1 

Download from Google Play 

3. VidStatus for WhatsApp 

VidStatus for WhatsApp

Do you like to make status videos for WhatsApp in your free time? Use VidStatus to create status videos and download the one you like. 

You will find everything on this app to create amazing status videos that your friends will like. 


  • Create trendy videos in seconds. 
  • Amazing filters will help you get more hearts. 
  • Available in 15 languages. 
  • The editing tool is okay. 
  • Add movie scenes and music to your videos. 
  • New features with each update. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $1.2

Download from Google Play 

4. Transcriber for WhatsApp 

Transcriber for WhatsApp

Does this ever happen to you when someone sends a voice message but you could not listen to it because you are on the train and you don’t have your headphones with you? 

Transcriber helps you convert all those voice messages into text so that you don’t have to wait just to know what the message is about. 


  • With over 1 million installs on Google Play.
  • Convert more than 1 voice message at a time. 
  • Use it when you’re in a crowded place. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases $2.7 

Download from Google Play 

5. Sticker Maker 

Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker is one of the best Android apps for WhatsApp to create tons of stickers and memes for free. 

You can either use your own photos or choose from tons of free available in the app. 

Here’s how it works 

  1. Select name for your pack
  2. Add the stickers to the pack, cut them with your finger.
  3. Publish the Sticker pack. 

Price: Free 

Download from Google Play 

6. DirectChat 


Just like Facebook, DirectChat helps you create ChatHeads to manage all your notifications in one place. 

It supports multiple messaging platforms including WhatsApp. It helps to reply to all incoming messages in one place without coming online. 

With different color and transparency options, you’ll get a feature to customize the ChatHeads. 


  • Supports more than 30 Messengers. 
  • Privacy mode makes things secure. 
  • Instant reply. 
  • Chat from the lock screen. 
  • DND Mode to stop receiving notifications for a brief time. 

Price: Free | Premium for advanced features

Download from Google Play 

7. App Lock 

App Lock

Want to have some privacy? Use App Lock to lock your WhatsApp with a passcode or fingerprint so no one can read your chats. Everyone deserves a kind of privacy and App Lock makes sure of it.

It’s a great Android app to put a lock on applications like Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other social networks. 


  • Supports almost any app. 
  • Hide pictures and videos from galleries. 
  • It even has an incognito browser. 
  • It has random keyboards as an extra layer of protection. 
  • Set a brief exit time. 
  • It will prevent the uninstalling of protected apps. 
  • Works well with power-saving mode. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $2.2

Download from Google Play 


So these were the best Android apps for WhatsApp and if you want to have some extra features and layer of protection it’s worth trying them. 

Whether it’s AutoResponder or an app like Sticker Maker, they’ll always help you utilize WhatsApp more effectively. 

So which one would you like to try now? 

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