Amazon Echo Has a Hidden Function – Not Even The Alexa App Knows it

Amazon Echo Has a Hidden Function - Not Even The Alexa App Knows it.

Not every Amazon Echo function can be used via the Alexa app. One of them is very well hidden, but it promises a lot of fun.

Anyone who owns an Amazon Echo with Alexa app may not even know at least one function of the smart speaker, because the application itself does not identify it. Especially at a time of day, however, this can ensure a good mood.

Amazon Echo: The Alexa App Hid That

The hidden function of the device is just right for everyone who uses Amazon’s Echo and the Alexa app to wake up in the morning. Because it makes getting up in the morning a little better and maybe even easier.

What Amazon’s Echo and Alexa don’t do via the app, but can be adjusted in another way is your favorite song or any other song as an alarm. While the application for the smart loudspeaker only provides predefined tones, you can use the Alexa command “Alexa, wake me up at XY o’clock with song XY” to specify how you want to be woken (XY stands for the time of the song).

Also, Use The Other Amazon Echo Commands

If you have put together your own playlists on Amazon Music, you can even use them to wake you up in the morning. Otherwise, songs are also available via Spotify for the hidden function. So you can easily convert your Amazon Echo into an alarm clock instead of using the Alexa app.

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