7 Smart Ways To Free Up Storage Space on Android

7 Smart Ways Free Up Storage Space on Android

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“Insufficient Storage Space”. We have all known this memorable message compelling us to either sort or buy a micro-SD card for our smartphone. This is why today, we have discussed 7 smart ways to instantly free up space on your Android phone.

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1. Save Space With Google Photos

What usually takes up the most space on your phone is your photo and video files. We take it every day, too much and it accumulates very quickly. A simple solution exists to save space by transferring all these photo and video files to the Cloud. 

Nothing could be simpler, just install Google Photos, connect your Google Account, open the menu icon (3 small lines), and click on free up space. An option will then be displayed asking you to delete the photos saved in the cloud from the internal storage of your smartphone.

2. Use Apps To Clean Storage 

You might not believe but there are tons of apps available on Google Play to help you with cleaning unnecessary files from your device. Simple install and let them scan your device for junk files. As the scan is completed just remove files to clean storage and boost RAM. 

3. Delete Large Applications 

Go to Android settings, look for the apps category, then go to Manage Apps. Then sort them by storage size. All you have to do is select the largest applications and click on Uninstall.

4. Use SD Card To Free Internal Storage 

Still in the Manage applications tab, you can decide to store any application on your micro SD card. This frees up the storage space of your internal memory. Simply click on an application and touch the Move / Storage option then Modify and choose SD card.

5. Remove Duplicate Files

You may have hundreds of files filling every corner of your storage, still, there might be a chance of duplicate files. It may be photos, videos, downloads, or any other documents. Make sure you don’t have two versions of the same file to free up some space. 

6. Clear Junk and Cache Data

Simply follow the steps to clear the cache on Android:- 

  1. Long press the app you want to clean its cache. 
  2. Select ‘App Info’
  3. Go to ‘Storage’
  4. Finally, ‘Clear Cache’

7. Remove Unnecessary Large Files 

As in good old school, you can also delete files individually by hand on your smartphone to save space. Then go to your file manager and sort by hand! We advise you first to start with your downloads and to continue with your audio, photo, and video files.


We hope we have helped you make space on your Android smartphone. If you have other tips, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!

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